Ms Batchelor was a fan of TV series Baywatch and has expressed the view that she could be the brunette-version of Pamela Anderson – if they ever got round to rebooting the TV series.

In the meantime, Casey has been on a Portugal beach all decked out in ‘Baywatch red’ and has, apparently, been runniing across the sand in very slow motion..(not really).



It sounds likes a tabloid storm in a teacup to us, but the tabloids have reported that Casey was “confronted” by the ex-girlfriend of a man she met whilst on the TV show Dinner Date back in 2015.

This all apparently happened at a London party which Casey was attending with to support Vicky Pattison of Geordie Shores fame – who was launching her campaign photos for a line of lingerie.

Of course this “confrontation” was nicely timed as it provided Vicky with a some good tabloid publicity for her lingerie brand. It seems that Casey has been the good sport and played along with it all. That’s our theory anyway.

The bonus is we get some new photos of Casey…


Having successfully completed her yoga teacher training course in Spain, these hot new photos of the gorgeous Casey have popped up in the British tabloids. Casey posted a couple of them on her Instagram account – where they have got the thumbs up from nearly 2000 fans. We agree.