Untitled 1Did you know that Casey has her own official website?

AS ALL OCasey’s many fans and admirers know, she is always active in the social media. Although she does have a Facebook page its her Instagram and Twitter accounts that she concentrates on – and in that order.

Of course you won’t hear any complaints coming from this direction. It means we are treated to great new photos of Casey on Instagram – and some video too as an added bonus. Some of her Instagram stuff makes its way into the tabloids and it just goes to confirm is that she is the U. K.’s number one glamour model.

But a lot of people probably don’t know Casey also has her own official website, even though its been running since 2014. You can easily track it down via Google or whatever search engine you use, but Casey never mentions it herself. She appears to have marked it down as a ‘low priority’ because it doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2015.

Perhaps she feels it has been superseded by Instagram and Twitter which, of course, can be far more immediate.

But it is still worth checking out if you are a decided Casey fan because there are plenty of pics, videos and newspaper and magazine scans on it. But it just isn’t as up too date as it could be. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a blog either because it would be interesting to read what Casey as to say about  life, the universe and everything. The more Casey the better, we say!